First Aid Kits for Horses

At Scone Equine Group, we understand that ensuring your horse's well-being is not just about regular care—it's also about being prepared for anything and everything that might come up. With our extensive range of first aid kit for horses and other horse vet supplies, we've got you covered in the event of any type of equine health event.
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The Ultimate Destination for Horse First Aid Needs

When it comes to horse first aid, having the right supplies at your fingertips can make all the difference. Our wide selection of quality products is designed to assist you in managing minor injuries, dealing with emergencies, and everything in between. We're here to keep you prepared and your horse safe, healthy, and happy.

The Essentials of an Equine First Aid Kit

The equine first aid kit essentials we provide aren't just high-quality—they're also comprehensive. Whether it's wound dressings, antiseptics, bandages, thermometers, or hoof care supplies, we've got all the critical items you need to compile a complete first aid kit for your equine companion.

Exceptional Equine First Aid Supplies for Horse Health

From preventive measures to post-injury recovery, our equine first aid supplies cater to every aspect of your horse's health. As leaders in equine veterinary first aid, we stock a vast selection of top-tier products, each carefully chosen by our experienced team of horse healthcare professionals.

Barn First Aid Kit - Preparedness, Right Where You Need It!

We have all your equine safety needs covered with our comprehensive barn first aid kit offerings. Packed with the necessary tools and products, these kits are designed to help you respond effectively to a variety of equine health issues.

The Basics & Beyond - Horse First Aid Kit Supplies

From a basic horse first aid kit to more advanced options, we carry supplies that cater to everyone—from horse care novices to experienced equestrians. Plus, our range of horse first aid products provides an additional layer of support for those seeking specific solutions. We are also proud to offer 4CYTE and a wide range of horse shoes, including metal horse shoes and aluminium horse shoes options, so your horses are taken care of in all facets.

Join the Scone Equine Group family today and discover the peace of mind that comes from knowing you're fully prepared for any equine health scenario. With us by your side, you'll always have the right first aid supplies to handle anything life throws at your horse.

Scone Equine Group - your trusted source in Australia for equine first aid needs.
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First Aid Kit For Horses - FAQs

What are the essential items included in your horse first aid kits?

Our first aid kits for horses are comprehensive, including key items such as wound dressings, antiseptics, bandages, thermometers, and hoof care supplies. Please refer to individual product descriptions for a complete list of contents as some kits may vary based on specific needs and uses.

I'm new to horse care. What should I include in a basic horse first aid kit?

A basic horse first aid kit should include essentials like bandages, antiseptic wipes, wound dressing, a digital thermometer, and hoof picks. Scone Equine Group provides pre-packaged basic kits with all these items, making it easy for beginners to start with horse care.

Do you provide equine first aid supplies for specific health issues?

Yes, we offer a wide range of horse first aid products catered to specific health concerns, from wound care items to gastrointestinal health products. Our aim is to provide comprehensive solutions for every possible equine health scenario.

Can I find specific horse first aid products on your site?

Absolutely! Apart from our complete first aid kits, we also offer individual horse first aid products. This allows you to handpick the specific items you need, whether for restocking your existing kit or for addressing a specific equine health concern.

How do I know what type of first aid kit is right for my horse?

The ideal first aid kit for your horse depends on several factors, such as your horse's health condition, your level of experience in horse care, and the environment in which your horse lives. Our customer service team is always ready to assist you in determining the best choice based on your specific circumstances. Feel free to utilise our help widget on the website, or alternatively, you can call our team on 02 6543 2000


Please Note: *CUSTOMER SELF DECLARATION* By purchasing any prescription product from the SEG Online store, you acknowledge and agree the following is true and accurate.

  1. I confirm that my horse was examined by a Scone Equine Group veterinarian who prescribed this medication for use in the horse’s treatment on the basis of their diagnosis of the horse’s condition.
  2. By confirming this order, I agree to use this prescription medication in the manner prescribed, on horses under my care and for which I have the authority to act under veterinary direction.
  3. I have read and understood that I need to seek immediate veterinary advice if my horse’s condition changes or deteriorates in any way whilst being treated with this prescription medication.

NB: If there is a particular prescription product you need which is not on this list, please contact your SEH veterinarian directly.