Horse Hoof Supplements in Australia

Here at Scone Equine Group, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality hoof supplement for horses to ensure their overall health and well-being. We understand that the hoof is the foundation of your horse's performance, mobility, and comfort, and we're committed to making sure it gets the care it deserves.

We are proud to offer a wide range of products to assist in providing the highest quality of care for your horses, including 4CYTE, worming paste, horseshoes and various equine vet supplies.
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Comprehensive Hoof Health Solutions

Our comprehensive range of hoof health supplements is designed to cater to a variety of equine hoof care needs. Whether your horse is suffering from cracked hooves, white line disease, or laminitis, we have a product tailored to address these issues. Our hoof supplements for cracked hooves and hoof supplements for white line disease have been developed with scientific backing to help strengthen the hoof and combat these conditions effectively.

Targeted Support for Hoof Growth

Alongside treating specific hoof ailments, we offer a dedicated hoof growth supplement for horses. This product is formulated to encourage healthy hoof growth, strengthening the hoof wall and reducing the risk of common hoof-related problems. Our hoof growth supplement is designed to provide all the necessary nutrients your horse needs for optimal hoof development and repair.

Special Care for Laminitic Horses

We know how devastating laminitis can be for both horses and their owners. That's why we offer a specialised hoof supplement for laminitis designed to support horses suffering from this painful condition. Our hoof supplements for horses with laminitis aim to provide targeted nutritional support that can help manage and alleviate this condition.

The Best in Equine Hoof Care

From basic hoof health to dealing with complex hoof diseases, Scone Equine Group has you covered. Trust our range of horse hoof health supplements to help your horse put their best hoof forward. Let's work together to ensure that your horse's hooves are strong, healthy, and ready to carry them through whatever comes their way.

Our Commitment to Your Horse's Hoof Health

At Scone Equine Group, we understand that hoof health is the cornerstone of your horse's well-being. Every product in our hoof supplement range reflects our dedication to providing holistic and effective hoof care. We utilise rigorous scientific research and carefully selected ingredients to create supplements that deliver the best in hoof health support.

Solutions for Diverse Hoof Care Needs

We believe in a tailored approach to equine health. Every horse is unique, and so are their hoof care needs. Our comprehensive product line ensures that there's a solution for every hoof issue, from promoting healthy growth with our hoof growth supplement for horses to offering targeted support for horses with specific hoof conditions such as laminitis or white line disease.
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Hoof Supplements For Horses - FAQs

What sets your horse hoof supplements apart from others in the market?

At Scone Equine Group, we combine rigorous scientific research with high-quality ingredients to create horse hoof supplements tailored to various hoof care needs. Whether it's promoting healthy growth, strengthening weak hooves, or providing targeted support for specific conditions like laminitis or white line disease, our supplements are designed to deliver effective, comprehensive hoof care.

Can your hoof growth supplement help my horse's cracked hooves?

Most definitely! Our hoof growth supplement is formulated to promote robust and healthy hoof development. By providing essential nutrients that strengthen the hoof wall, it can help heal cracked hooves and prevent future cracks from forming.

How can your supplements help horses suffering from laminitis?

Our specialised hoof supplement for laminitis is designed to provide targeted nutritional support to horses suffering from this painful condition. While it's part of a broader management and treatment plan, it can help manage and alleviate some of the symptoms of laminitis.

Are your hoof health supplements safe for all horses?

Yes, our supplements are safe for horses of all ages and breeds. However, we always recommend consulting with your equine veterinarian before starting any new supplement regimen to ensure it's the right fit for your horse's specific health needs.


Please Note: *CUSTOMER SELF DECLARATION* By purchasing any prescription product from the SEG Online store, you acknowledge and agree the following is true and accurate.

  1. I confirm that my horse was examined by a Scone Equine Group veterinarian who prescribed this medication for use in the horse’s treatment on the basis of their diagnosis of the horse’s condition.
  2. By confirming this order, I agree to use this prescription medication in the manner prescribed, on horses under my care and for which I have the authority to act under veterinary direction.
  3. I have read and understood that I need to seek immediate veterinary advice if my horse’s condition changes or deteriorates in any way whilst being treated with this prescription medication.

NB: If there is a particular prescription product you need which is not on this list, please contact your SEH veterinarian directly.