Horse Calming Supplements

Like humans, horses get stressed during long travels, rough handling, and changes in their environment. It’s also likely due to the loud sounds and lack of human interaction that cause them to be anxious, too. A dose of calming powder orstress paste for horseswill help them soothe their nerves and relax after taking it.

At Scone Equine, we have a selection of horse calming supplements and essentials necessary for horse care. From horse grooming to vitamins, our array of products promotes a healthy horse's overall health and aesthetics.
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The Benefits ofCalming Supplements For Horses

Calm horse supplementsreduce levels of stress, hyperactivity, and anxiety in horses caused by their surroundings and their predicament. This ultimately affects their overall performance and health in the long run. By addinghorse calming supplementsto their diet and vitamins, you can reap the benefits of:

A More Relaxed Horse

Calming powders orstress pastes for horsesare developed specifically for nervous horses that require travel and live in hectic environments. Ingredients like magnesium and thiamine promote a relaxing effect that leads to horses calming, even in usually stressful situations.

Enhanced Horse Performance

Showhorses would benefit from using calm horse supplements during equine competitions and intense training. This allows them to do exercises and drills longer to ensure that they have fully grasped the tricks they need to learn.

Better Concentration For Activities

Skittish horses are usually very wary of their surroundings, causing them to lose their focus on competitions and shows. Consuming thesecalming supplements for horsesbefore the show will make your horse pay attention better to your cues and commands.

Easier Horse Handling

Calm horses are more malleable and obedient to commands during the transporting process. Aside from making the process easier, this also ensures that you and your horses are safe during loading and unloading. 

Supports Better Transitions

Moving a horse from one place to another might cause them distress. A dose ofhorse calming supplementscan ease them into their new environment swiftly and seamlessly. These also work for your recovering horses and horses with a routine.

Calm Horse Supplements And Other Horse Essentials

Scone Equine also offers a variety of horse care products and supplements. From calmingstress pastes for horses to hoof care essentials, we’ve got you and your horse covered.

  • Horse vet supplies: Our store has a collection of medical horse stethoscopes, syringes, and wound care available for your veterinary needs. We also have equipment for horse breeding purposes and rehabilitation gear for injured horses.
  • Horse hoof and coat supplement: Your horse’s coat and hooves deserve to be healthy and shiny, too. Scone Equine has an array of hoof and coat supplements in varied forms for your horse
  • Worm paste for horses: Like most pets, horses are also prone to parasitic gut diseases. Doses of worm pastes and medication can help them flush it out for a healthier horse sto
  • Horseshoes: Getting the right one for your horse ensures their safety and comfort. We have a selection of horseshoes with different materials, sizes, and designs meant for horses with unique needs.

Check out handy horse equipment and equine care essentials at Scone Equine. We only offer products with good quality and effective ingredients for horses. Shop now and guarantee your horse’s health today!
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Please Note: *CUSTOMER SELF DECLARATION* By purchasing any prescription product from the SEG Online store, you acknowledge and agree the following is true and accurate.

  1. I confirm that my horse was examined by a Scone Equine Group veterinarian who prescribed this medication for use in the horse’s treatment on the basis of their diagnosis of the horse’s condition.
  2. By confirming this order, I agree to use this prescription medication in the manner prescribed, on horses under my care and for which I have the authority to act under veterinary direction.
  3. I have read and understood that I need to seek immediate veterinary advice if my horse’s condition changes or deteriorates in any way whilst being treated with this prescription medication.

NB: If there is a particular prescription product you need which is not on this list, please contact your SEH veterinarian directly.