Sootha Nerves & Stress

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Sootha Nerves & Stress has a high dose B-vitamin, magnesium and tryptophan supplement with PROTEXIN® formulated for highly strung horses susceptible to the stress of transport, competition and heavy training or when they become hyperactive on high-grain, low roughage diets or when they are confined to stables without adequate exercise throughout the day.

Dosage and Administration
Mix SOOTHA NERVES & STRESS ™ thoroughly through feed according to the following rates:
HORSES (450 kg) 30 g/day; HIGH STRESS PERIODS 45 g/day; PONIES 15 g/day.
(for horses or ponies)
For picky eaters, it may be advisable to introduce at a lower level and gradually increase to the full dose.
(Enclosed level scoop holds approximately 30 g)

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