Glue On Horseshoes

Welcome to Scone Equine Group, where we are dedicated to equipping you with the finest equine products on the market. Among our innovative solutions, you'll find our collection of glue on horseshoes. Designed with modern technology, these horseshoes provide a unique combination of comfort and durability, perfectly suited to your horse's hoof care needs.

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Reliable Glue On Horseshoes

Traditional nail-on shoes are not always the best fit for every horse. For those with sensitive or damaged hooves, our glue on horseshoes present an ideal alternative. Crafted to provide a secure fit, they reduce discomfort and potential damage caused by nails. Our commitment to equine welfare ensures that these shoes offer not just enhanced comfort but also improved hoof health.

High-Quality Glue On Horse Shoes for Optimal Comfort

Our glue on horse shoes are specifically designed to optimise comfort and support, taking into account the unique structure and needs of a horse's hooves. They offer a seamless fit, reducing the chances of slippage or uneven weight distribution. By eliminating the need for nails, these shoes also minimise the risk of discomfort or injury.

Plastic Glue On Horseshoes: Lightweight and Durable

The lightness of our plastic glue on horseshoes aids in improving your horse's movement, making them an excellent choice for performance horses or those with lighter workloads. Despite their lightweight nature, these shoes don't compromise on durability. They're crafted from top-quality plastic, ensuring they withstand the rigours of various terrains and conditions.

In addition to offering superior products, we're also here to provide expert advice and support. Whether you're unsure about the right type of shoe for your horse or need assistance with application, our experienced team is always ready to help.

At Scone Equine Group, we are all about providing quality equine care solutions. Explore our range of glue on horseshoes, and experience the quality and commitment we bring to every product. We are proud to provide a wide array of horse care products and ensure that our customers can get everything they need to provide quality care for their horses.
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Glue On Horseshoes - FAQs

Why should I consider using glue on horseshoes?

Glue on horseshoes are an excellent choice for horses with sensitive or damaged hooves as they eliminate the need for nails. They provide a secure fit and are designed to offer comfort and improve hoof health. They can also be used as a temporary solution for horses transitioning from shod to barefoot.

What are the advantages of plastic glue on horseshoes?

Plastic glue on horseshoes are lightweight, which can improve your horse's movement and agility. Despite their lightweight nature, they are durable and can withstand various terrains and conditions. They are also a great option for horses involved in performance activities or those with lighter workloads.

How do I know if glue on horseshoes are right for my horse?

The choice of horseshoes should always be based on your horse's individual needs, activities, and hoof health. It's recommended to consult with a professional farrier or vet to determine if glue on horseshoes are the best fit for your horse.

Do glue on horse shoes provide a secure fit like nail-on shoes?

Yes, when properly applied, glue on horseshoes provide a secure and reliable fit. They are designed to adhere firmly to the hoof, reducing the chances of slippage or uneven weight distribution.


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