Horse Hoof and Coat Supplement

One of the many essential maintenance routines for horses is coat health. A beautiful coat indicates the horse is properly nurtured and maintained. Here at Scone Equine, we provide a selection of premium horse coat supplements for horses with different needs. Whether you have a showhorse or a ranch assistant, your horse’s coat health shouldn’t be overlooked.
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The Benefits of Horse Hoof and Coat Supplement for Horse Health

A horse’s health reflects on their coat, the gleam and shine of it is a testament to their good maintenance. However, achieving the perfect shiny coat isn’t only reliant on a strict brushing regimen and healthy diet, a good horse coat supplement also helps. 

Hoof and coat supplements for horses don’t only benefit the overall aesthetics of your horse, but these supplements deeply nourish them from within. While their primary purpose is to improve the coat’s and hooves' quality, it also positively impacts other organs. Here are the key benefits of adding coat supplements for horses to your horse’s diet:

Lustrous and Vibrant Coat 

Our collection of horse hoof and coat supplements is packed with essential vitamins and fatty acids, like flaxseed oil and fish oil, that improve coat shine and gleam. Healthier coats work well with proper brushing care and grooming.

Improved Skin Health

With Omega fatty acids and vitamin E present in most hoof and coat supplements for horses, your horse gets essential nutrients to keep their skin healthy. This would also mean reduced skin dryness, flakiness, and itching. The coat supplements for horses also deters possible horse skin conditions.

Better Coat Colour

A healthier coat and mane mean a richer coat colour, and our horse coat supplement helps bring out that natural vibrance. Thanks to the essential amino acids, their coat naturally restores its vividness when mixed with their feed.

Reduced Coat Shedding

Most horse coat supplements contain healthy biotins, zinc, and copper that discourage excessive shedding due to hormonal changes. Through these horse supplements, the coat can grow healthy and steadily.

The Complete Set for Horse Maintenance and Health

Proper care and maintenance are fundamental to a horse’s well-being, so make sure your horse gets everything they need from our array of products. Paired with a strict grooming regimen and healthy diet, these items can greatly improve your horse’s quality of living:

  • Essential Horse Vet Supplies - Complete your horse care set with our array of supplies for horse veterinary care. From our essential horse vitamins to first aid, we have a comprehensive selection of horse needs.
  • Fly Repellent - Flies are a nuisance to horses, too. They’re not only annoying but are likely to carry diseases that might pose a danger to them.
  • Horse Bandages - Horses are prone to injuries and sprains and a good bandage minimises that risk. It’s also a great tool in rehabilitating injured horses to speed up recovery.
  • Horse Brushes Kit - When paired with our horse hoof and coat supplement, your horse’s coat and mane will retain their shine and silkiness.

Buy Horse Coat Supplements and More

Get one of our hoof and coat supplements for horses to keep your horse’s coat shiny and vibrant. Our range of products covers saddle care to breeding supplies for your ranch needs. Shop your horse essentials at Scone Equine for high-quality horse maintenance goods!
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