Horse Brushes

Grooming is an essential part of horse maintenance. As caretakers, ensuring their health and performance is not all there is to it. Keeping healthy skin and coats using expertly designed horse brush sets can make your horses shine, whether on the race tracks or dressage arena. Explore our selection of horse brushes, we offer high-quality grooming kits and brushes to keep your horse looking and feeling their best.
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Discover Our Range of Horse Brushes

Our horse brushes are designed to provide effective grooming and care for your equine companion. Whether you're removing dirt and debris from their coat, massaging their skin, or enhancing their natural shine, our brushes are crafted with precision and durability in mind.

High-Quality Horse Brush Sets for Sale

Shop our collection of horse brush sets for sale and equip yourself with the essential tools needed for proper grooming. From soft bristle brushes for sensitive areas to sturdy curry combs for deep cleaning, our sets include everything you need to maintain your horse's coat and overall health.

Types of Horse Brushes

Our range includes a variety of horse grooming brushes, each serving a specific purpose in your grooming routine. Opt for our horse brushes kit for a better horse grooming experience.

Body Brushes

Ideal for removing dirt, dust, and loose hair from your horse's coat, body brushes help keep your horse clean and comfortable. Choose from soft, medium, or stiff bristles depending on your horse's coat type and sensitivity.

Curry Combs

Perfect for deep cleaning and massaging your horse's skin, curry combs effectively remove stubborn dirt and debris while stimulating circulation. Use it in circular motions before brushing to loosen dirt and distribute natural oils.

Dandy Brushes

With stiff bristles and a large surface area, dandy horse brushes are great for removing mud and dried sweat from your horse's coat. Use a dandy brush after a regular body brush to achieve a polished finish and enhance your horse's natural shine.

Hoof Picks

Essential for maintaining healthy hooves, hoof picks help remove dirt, rocks, and debris from your horse's hooves. Regular hoof care is vital for preventing infections and ensuring your horse remains sound and comfortable.

Mane and Tail Brushes

Designed specifically for detangling and smoothing your horse's mane and tail, these brushes help prevent knots and breakage while promoting healthy hair growth. Use with care to avoid pulling or causing discomfort to your horse.

Horse Care Products to Complete Your Horse Brushes Kit

At Scone Equine Group, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive selection of horse care products to meet all of your equine needs. Not only can you find horse brush sets, but you can also find a wide array of premium products.

  • 4cyte Joint Supplement: Ensure your horse's joints stay healthy and mobile with our scientifically formulated joint supplement, 4cyte. Supporting joint function and reducing inflammation, this supplement is essential for keeping your horse comfortable and active.
  • Clip-on Horse Shoes: Equip your horse with reliable hoof protection and support with our clip-on horse shoes. Easy to attach and remove, these shoes offer traction and stability for various terrains and activities.
  • Electrolytes for Horses: Replenish electrolytes lost during exertion or hot weather with our electrolyte supplements. Maintaining proper hydration and muscle function, these supplements are vital for your horse's performance and well-being.
  • Horse Bandages: Protect your horse's legs during injury recovery and provide support with our range of horse bandages. Crafted for comfort and durability, these bandages aid in minimising strain and promoting faster healing.
  • Horse Fly Repellent: Keep bothersome flies away and safeguard your horse from irritation and potential health issues with our effective fly repellents. Formulated for lasting protection, our repellents allow your horse to enjoy outdoor activities without discomfort.
  • Digestive Supplements for Horses: Support your horse's digestive health with our specialised supplements. Formulated to promote proper digestion and gut flora balance, these supplements ensure your horse maintains optimal health from the inside out.

Shop Horse Brushes and More Online

Explore our collection of horse brushes kit and other horse care products online at Scone Equine Group. With convenient delivery options and expert customer service, we're your trusted source for premium equine supplies. Shop our horse grooming brushes now and experience an improved grooming experience today!
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