4CYTE Epiitalis Forte Gel

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4CYTE™ EPIITALIS® Forte Gel is a premium daily horse feed additive used to protect and repair damaged joints, and actively maintain joint health. The revolutionary property of 4CYTE™ Gel for Horses is EPIITALIS®, our exclusive plant seed oil patented for its cartilage repair and pain relief properties.

4CYTE™ EPIITALIS® Forte Gel is safe to take long-term, and is used to:
  • Address symptoms such as stiffness or lack of willingness to jump, canter or gallop.
  • Complement prescription joint pain treatments.
  • Support healing after a joint injury or surgery.
  • Protect, maintain and promote healthy joints in high-performance horses.
  • Simple, non-invasive application.
  • Non-swabbable.
  • Small, cost-effective once-daily dosing.
  • Should produce clinical improvements within 7-14 days.
  • Surgeon and veterinarian endorsed.
  • Has undergone in-vitro, in-vivo clinical studies.
Daily Dosage
Loading Dose: Start on 8ml per day for 14 days
Maintenance Dose: After 14 days, reduce to 4ml per day. Dosage can be varied based on weight of animal and state of joint function.
The Science
4CYTE™EPIITALIS®Forte Gel for Horses is powered by EPIITALIS®, patented for its ability to stimulate the production of healthy cartilage. EPIITALIS® has undergone in-vivo, in-vitro clinical studies, giving you the confidence of a scientifically developed and backed product.
Draw accurate volume of suspension from the tube using the applicator supplied. Add to feed to administer.
One 250ml tube will last approximately 59 days on a maintenance dose.

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We're the Trusted Source for 4CYTE Equine Products

At Scone Equine Group, we’re dedicated to bringing you top-of-the-line products for horse health, including the revolutionary 4CYTE range. Our selection is designed to offer comprehensive support to your horse's joint health, keeping them strong, flexible, and ready for action. We are proud to cover all of your horse care bases, our range extends even further to first aid kits, joint supplements, hoof supplements and a plethora of horseshoe options.

Superior Joint Support with 4CYTE

The 4CYTE range is the ultimate joint supplement for equines, meticulously developed to provide proactive support to your horse's joint health. Our 4CYTE horse supplement utilises a proprietary blend of ingredients that are designed to promote joint flexibility and mobility, thereby enhancing your horse’s performance and quality of life.

Comprehensive Joint Care with 4CYTE Forte

Our 4CYTE Forte products take equine joint health to the next level. With a potent formula that includes the innovative Epiitalis, a plant oil extract patented for its ability to proliferate chondrocyte cells (responsible for cartilage regeneration), 4CYTE Forte supports joint health at a cellular level, promoting optimal equine performance and comfort.

Easy Application with 4CYTE Equine Gel

With our 4CYTE equine gel 1 litre packs, administering your horse's joint supplements becomes a breeze. This unique horse gel provides an easy-to-apply, mess-free way of giving your horse the joint support they need. It offers all the benefits of our 4CYTE products in a convenient gel form, making it a favourite amongst horse owners.

Optimal 4CYTE Dosage for Best Results

We understand that every horse is unique, which is why we provide detailed instructions on 4CYTE dosage. Whether you're using the supplements preventively or to address existing joint issues, the correct dosage ensures that your horse receives optimal benefits from our products.

When it comes to equine joint health, the 4CYTE joint supplement horse range is an unrivalled choice for horse owners and vets alike. Trust Scone Equine Group to bring you the best in equine health care, from 4CYTE supplements to all your equine health needs. Explore our range of 4CYTE products today and give your horse the gift of unparalleled joint support.

Scone Equine Group - Enhancing equine health with exceptional 4CYTE products.

Understanding the Causes of Joint Issues in Horses

Joint issues in horses can be triggered by a variety of factors. Understanding these can help you keep your horse's joints healthy and respond effectively when problems arise.

Age and Wear and Tear

Just like in humans, one of the most common causes of joint problems in horses is simply age. As horses get older, their joints naturally begin to wear out. Years of running, jumping, and carrying weight can take a toll, leading to arthritis and other joint conditions.


Injuries are another significant cause of joint problems in horses. Accidents, poor landing from a jump, or even a bad step can result in joint injuries. Without proper care and recovery time, these can lead to long-term joint issues.

Conformation and Overuse

Conformation refers to a horse's physical structure and proportions. Horses with poor conformation are more prone to joint issues due to uneven weight distribution. Similarly, overuse, such as intense training or competitions without adequate rest periods, can put excessive strain on the joints, leading to issues over time.

Inadequate Nutrition

Nutrition plays a critical role in equine joint health. A diet lacking in essential nutrients can weaken a horse's joints, making them more prone to damage and less able to recover from strain or injury.

That's where supplements like 4CYTE come in, offering a potent blend of ingredients that support joint health and can be a valuable addition to your horse's diet. Shop our range of 4CYTE supplements today and get on the front foot with your horse care.

If you're a proud owner of a lovable cat or a faithful dog and are in search of high-quality joint care, look no further. Discover the benefits of 4CYTE for dogs and 4CYTE for cats, specially crafted to support the well-being and mobility of your furry companions. With 4Cyte, you're not just getting a supplement – you're investing in the happiness and vitality of your pets. Learn more about 4CYTE for dogs and 4CYTE for cats today!
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