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The Ultimate Vitamin and Mineral Supplement with Premium Functional Ingredients

The most all-inclusive, comprehensive dietary supplement is now available from Kohnke’s Own!  This scientifically formulated ration balancing supplement combines the most popular Kohnke’s Own supplements as a complete and premium formulation, saving you money and feed preparation time!

Cell-Ultimate is an advanced 4 in 1 supplement that contains

  • A full ration balancing vitamin, mineral and trace-mineral supplement (Kohnke’s Own Cell-Perform®)
  • FABBY® for digestive health and function (including live probiotics, prebiotics and mycotoxin binders)
  • The extra nutrients essential to Reboot HOOF+® (maintenance rate),
  • A top-up of quality protein and essential amino acids.


Cell-Ultimate contains all the vitamins and minerals necessary to match the requirements and make up shortfalls of essential daily nutrients for all horses.  If you want more than just a general ration balancer for your horse, then Cell-Ultimate is the best choice!

Cell-Ultimate is especially helpful for horses in regular training or competition, for example, equestrian horses and even racing horses.  However, paddock ponies, aged horses or pleasure riding horses can also benefit from the comprehensive nutritional profile of Cell-Ultimate.

Our Concept for Cell-Ultimate

We created Cell-Ultimate to combine the latest findings in equine nutrition science with the experience and innovative technologies that represent the Kohnke’s Own difference!  We truly believe that Cell-Ultimate completely surpasses every other ration balancing, daily nutritional supplement on the market, anywhere in the world!

With the proven benefits of Kohnke’s Own FABBY for digestive health and Reboot HOOF+ for hoof strength and condition, Cell-Ultimate combines these popular and highly effective products with a full ration-balancing range of vitamins and minerals as well as a dose of high quality protein and essential amino acids.

Cell-Ultimate’s attractive recommended retail price makes it cheaper compared to purchasing each product separately and you benefit from ease of feeding too! With each scoop of Cell-Ultimate, all you need to add is salts (relative to exercise and sweat level) to meet the general nutritional balance of the ration, saving you time and money!

You can still choose to feed any specialised supplement, like a calmer (Mag-E), joint supplement (Redi-Flex) or top-line building supplement (Muscle XL) if required for your horse’s individual needs.

Cell-Ultimate features the patented Supplet® technology which is unique to Kohnke’s Own.  The supplement is cold-pressed into a blend of 7 different pellets, each containing only compatible nutrients, which eliminates the negative interactions between fragile vitamins and trace-minerals within the supplement.  For example, vitamins A, C, E and biotin are protected from potency loss that is common in other company’s feeds and supplements, so your horse receives the maximum benefit in every scoop.

The miniature Supplet® pellets are highly palatable and easy to mix into wet or dry feeds, plus they reduce wastage from dust, blow-away, sift-out and sludging in feed bins.

Supplementation Guidelines

Each level scoopful of Kohnke’s Own Cell-Ultimate provides 60 grams.  The scoop is provided. 

For adult horses 450 – 650 kg body weight, the following supplementation rates apply.  There are also dose rates for lighter horses (300 – 425 kgs) and ponies (150 – 275 kg) provided on the label. 

For resting and lightly working adult horses, provide 60 grams daily. 

For regularly working horses at a moderate level (show horses, adult riding club, horses in early equestrian training, general working horses) provide 90 grams daily.

For horses in moderately heavy to heavy exercise (equestrian competition horses) provide 120 grams daily, preferably split into 2 feeds.

At this dose rate, your horse received the same supplementary additions equivalent to a full dose of Cell-Perform, full dose of FABBY, maintenance dose of Reboot HOOF+ and also 12 grams of protein and essential amino acids. 

For racing and high performance horses, provide 180 grams daily, preferably split into 2 feeds. 

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