Five Tips for a Stress Free Christmas Break

Five Tips for a Stress Free Christmas Break

Posted by Scone Equine Hospital on 9th Jan 2019

Are you heading away these Christmas holidays and have to leave your equine friend behind? Make sure you follow these 5 tips for a stress free break this festive season.

1. Get them checked! Make sure you organise an experienced person to have someone to check your horses at least daily. It is also wise to let neighbours know that you will be away so they can keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary and also know how to contact you if necessary.

2. Keep the trough full! Water is obviously vital for your equine friend. Make sure it is a reliable source in these drought conditions and is checked daily, and if not refillable, put an extra water source in your horses’ paddock as a backup.

3. Let there be shade! Hot days and soaring temperatures can be constant over the Summer period. Make sure that your horse has access to shade or shelter in their paddock to avoid overheating or unnecessary dehydration especially if you have young foals.

4. Secure is best. Have you been meaning to fix that gate for a while? Before you head off it is a great time to fix those niggling fencing issues or get rid of that rubbish outside the paddock. Storms quite often pass through during the summer period, so it is important that items within and around your horses’ paddock are secure.

5. Have your Vets Details Handy – Unfortunately sometimes things can happen whilst we are away. Make sure you give your vet’s details to whoever is minding your horse, and also leave them in a handy spot at the house or stables.

Prevention is always key when dealing with equine matters. Make sure you are well organised if heading away this Christmas and your break will be stress free for both you and your horse!


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