Electrolyte Liquid for Horses

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Electrolyte Liquid for Horses is a concentrated oral electrolyte solution that may aid in the restoration of electrolyte and fluid levels depleted through hard work and sweat loss during racing, competition, training, travelling, hot weather or illness for horses.

Contains a concentrated solution of mineral salts, including citrate and glucose, formulated for dilution with water. The diluted solution is within the range of safe physiological (isotonic) concentration to promote replenishment of minerals and their salts.


Electrolyte Liquid for Horses concentrate should be diluted with clean fresh drinking water as directed. Always mix a fresh batch of solution each day.

Always ensure that clean, fresh water is available every time Electrolyte Liquid for Horses is offered.

Made-up drink in water

Mix Electrolyte Liquid for Horses as directed and offer as the first drink after exercise or competition.

Light Work: 40mL in 2L of water                                                  

Moderate Work: 60mL in 3L of water

Heavy Work: 80mL in 4L of water

Heavy Sweat Loss and Dehydration in all horses: 80mL in 4L of water

By Oral Syringe over the Tongue

When administering Electrolyte Liquid for Horses as an undiluted solution, dose with a suitable dosing syringe over the back of the tongue.

Light Work:  40mL

Moderate Work: 60mL

Heavy Work: 80mL

Heavy Sweat Loss and Dehydration in all horses:  80mL

During Endurance Events

Give 60-80mL of Electrolyte Liquid for Horses concentrate over the back of the tongue and immediately follow with fresh water as required during the ride, and at check points. Upon completion of the ride, give an additional 80mL of Electrolyte Liquid for Horses concentrate, or mix with 4L of water.

Severely Dehydrated Horses

Mix 40mL of Electrolyte Liquid for Horses per litre of water.

Under the supervision of a veterinarian, administer by stomach tube 6-8 litres of the Electrolyte Liquid for Horses solution.

Travelling in hot weather or over long distances

Give 40-60mL of Electrolyte Liquid for Horses concentrate over the tongue and immediately follow with fresh water within 30-60 minutes prior to commencing travelling. Repeat the dose every 2-3 hours whilst travelling, and again upon arrival.

Palatable apple flavour which allows for a wider acceptance by horses.    


*    Potassium, a vital electrolyte, which also assists with general muscle and nerve contractions.

*    Sodium and Chloride, for maintaining normal electrolyte balance in body tissues during heavy exercise.

*    Magnesium, for the maintenance of nerve function, as well as with general metabolism.

*    Glucose aids in the absorption of salts from the bowel into the bloodstream as well as providing energy.

PACK SIZE: 1L (chamber measure pack), 5L and 20L.

5L and 20L - Special order required for these sizes

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