Curabine Dressing

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Veterinary Curabine® Dressing is a high quality, highly absorbent combine dressing with a non-woven, low adherent, tubular, soft cover. Veterinary Curabine® Dressing can be used for a number of applications such as dressings for wound management, support padding, leg wraps and insulation.

Pack Size: 500g x 30cm x 3.2m roll

Directions for Use: Veterinary Curabine® Dressing can be cut easily to any required size or width. Secure dressing with a high quality cohesive bandage (eg ValuWRAP® Cohesive Bandage) or adhesive bandage (eg ValuPLAST ® Elastic Adhesive
Bandage). Take care not to bandage legs too tight and make sure that when wrapping legs to apply even pressure to avoid folds and uneven overlap of dressing under bandage, especially on known pressure point

Wound Management: When using Veterinary Curabine® Dressing for wound management, ensure dressing is changed on a regular basis, or as required.

Special Features: Suitable for use for protection padding of wounds and injuries. Can be used as protection, support and insulation for horses during exercise, competition or travelling. Soft, non-woven gauze covering an even firm cotton wool layer.
Non-stick and highly absorbent. The absorbent cushioning protects the wound site to further prevent disruption and irritation.
Can be autoclaved.

STORAGE & DISPOSAL: Store in a dry place, below 30°C (room temperature).

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