Synovate HA

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Synovate HA delivers high molecular weight sodium hyaluronate in an easy–to–use liquid.
Equine athletes are prone to injury. Certain injuries happen quickly but others are a result of cumulative wear and tear. Hyaluronic acid (HA) plays a vital role in maintaining the health of connective tissue and optimising normal joint function.
Synovate HA may assist with supporting equine athletes through the rigors of training and competition. Owners and trainers of high-performance horses rely on intrarticular, intravenous, or oral HA to help protect their horses’ joints.
Why use Synovate HA?
Synovate HA provides horses with a safe, easily absorbed, and easy–to–use form of sodium hyaluronate.
  • HA is a naturally occurring substance found in various connective tissues in the horse’s body
  • Contains high molecular weight HA (1-1.25 million daltons), created from microbial fermentation, has the greatest likelihood for matching the known attributes of native HA found in the horse’s body
  • HA contributes significantly to maintenance of cartilage health and elasticity, joint fluid viscoelasticity, and lubrication of the entire joint mechanism
  • HA has anti-inflammatory properties, especially useful for high-motion joints such as those in equine limbs
When to use Synovate HA
  • To manage joint health proactively in performance horses
  • For horses undertaking high-intensity daily exercise
  • Horses showing signs of joint disease
  • When injections are not tolerated or affordable
  • After surgery for joint disease
  • Suitable for horses of all ages, disciplines, levels of exercise and performance
Feeding Recommendations
Feed 30 mL daily for the first 7-10 days of supplementation.
Feed 15 mL in feed or orally daily.
Mix well with feed.
Amounts are indicated for mature horses with a bodyweight of 500kg. Please adjust according to the weight of your horse.


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