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Too many horses are struggling to process sugar in their diets. This can result in EMS, Cushings, Laminitis, cresty neck, fatty lumps, overweight and inflammation.

MetaboLize® helps horses process sugar more normally, much like insulin in a diabetic, allowing a better quality of life.

Horses with mild symptoms will be able to process their normal diet better, while those with severe symptoms will find MetaboLize® a game changer for restoring their quality of life.


MetaboLize® is a proprietary mix of three powerful flavonoids - chlorogenic acid, myricetin and quercetin which are sourced from the plants Eucalyptus Globulus, Vine Tea and Sophora Japonica - plus Saccharomyces Cerevisiae derived prebiotic and post-biotic for added gut support.

How to Use

MetaboLize® is a yellow powdered feed supplement that is added to your horse’s normal feed. You can mix it with any oils or add to your wet feeds such as beet fibre, or mix through your feed and wet down.

Feed horses up to 400kg 1 scoop per day (3 grams) and 2 scoops if horses over 400kg.


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