Farnam Worma Paste

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Farnam Worma Paste

Provides superior control of stomach and intestinal worms in horses. It also sterilises worm eggs within 24 hours of administration to assist in reducing recontamination rates in newly wormed horses; especially those new to a horse group; such as mares sent to stud or horses being spelled at pasture.



Dose according to bodyweight by setting the plunger ring to the required bodyweight setting. The syringe is calibrated in
50 kg divisions. A 56 g syringe contains sufficient WORMA® PASTE to treat a 600 kg horse.

Ensure syringe is placed onthe back of the horse's tongue, not between the teeth and cheeks. Depress the plunger and keep horse's head elevated and its mouth closed until the paste is swallowed. Internal parasites can develop resistance to anthelmintics. Pasture management, rotation between different types of wormer and other measures should be used to minimise the incidence of anthelminticresistance.



Each g contains:

A broad spectrum oral anthelmintic administered by syringe. Controls sensitive strains of adult and immature forms of
large roundworms (Parascaris equorum), pinworm (Oxyuris equi), large strongyles (Strongylus spp), adult stomach
hairworm (Trichonstrongylus axei) and adult stomach worm (Habronema microstoma) and small strongyles
(Cyathostomes). Also kills tissue stages of Strongylus edentatus and aids in the control of migrating stages of Strongylus
vulgaris with a corresponding reduction in arterial lesions. Two doses given two days apart gives enhanced efficacy
against migrating strongyles and will decrease the incidence of associated colic.

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