Bioworma Bucket

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Composition Each gram contains a minimum of 500;000 chlamydospores of Duddingtonia flagrans strain IAH 1297.

Actions Natural biological control that is fed to grazing animals to capture and consume infective worm larvae (including chemical and anthelmintic multiresistant larvae) within the manure of grazing animals.

Horses. Large strongyles (large red worms); including Strongylus sp.; Triodontophorus sp. and Oesophagodontus sp.; small strongyles (small red worms or cyathostomes); including Cyathostomum sp.; Cylicocyclus sp. and Cylicostephanus sp.; stomach hair worm (Trichostrongylus axei); ascarids (Parascaris equorum); threadworms (Strongyloides westeri) and pinworms (Oxyuris equi) .

Dosage and Administration Dose BioWorma according to bodyweight. For best results; treat animals with a suitable chemical wormer or anthelmintic. Ideally; where possible; move the treated animals onto low-worm pasture (that is; pasture that has not been grazed by the same animal species for a minimum six weeks).

The animals most susceptible to worms are young animals (from three months to 18 to 24 months of age) and periparturient females (in the last month of pregnancy and while producing milk) as they are the most likely to have less resistance to worm infestation; due to low immunity. Pasture contamination by adult stock; even with low faecal egg counts (FECs); should not be underestimated; considering the volume of faecal material they place on pasture.

Commence daily feeding of BioWorma to minimise pasture infectivity and maintain the animal's low-worm status. The product will not reduce pre-existing larval pasture contamination.

Thoroughly mix BioWorma with feed or feed Supplements. BioWorma will begin to work immediately within the manure of treated animals; and for best results may be fed continuously when climatic conditions are conducive to BioWorma and parasitic nematode activ

Bodyweight* (kg)                             25  50 100  200 300  400 500**
Dosage (grams per head per day)      1.5   3    6    12   18   24   30
*Dose according to heaviest animal in the group. **Use additional 6 g for each 100 kg thereafter.

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